Bay City


Room # we found a magical urn and a couple of boxes which rob bashed open. Got the wand. Broke the scrolle and crystal. We take the other boxs Rob licked the urn. After restoring Rob’s levels, Heather opens thhe urn ad dumps it all out.

Room # Twin sets of pillars(8 total), large set of doors at the far end. Not all have aged the same. One falls on Heather. Now we know it’s trapped. Vince tried to push another one over and it fell on top of him. Artifax runs through the room with no problems. Afterwards, the pillar falls on Rob as he runs past one. Artifax opens the doors at the end of the hallway. All pillars fall. Heather runs over pillar peices to the doors that artifax has opened. There’s a wall. On the wall is the arrow and circle symbol of law. As we leave, a spider monster appears. The hungry king demands that we bring the marquese of the river.
He doesn’t know where the river is.
The Marqueis must be dead. Bring his body back here. The spider’s name is spitglob. The kings name is flycatcher. The spider gives directions as to how to get to the Marques

Room #9. There are warrior statues. carvings along the walls. Chandelers in the room. Blue metal double doors at the top of the stairs. All three doors have a pair of two statues. The carvings depict nothing relevant.

Room# weapons and armor and shrine. The alter has old offerings. ewwww. Statue or wind dude stands in a nook above the alter. A door is painted on the wall. We are trapped in a force cage and a battle rages.



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